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Order a home DNA collection kit now or click here for the list of all paternity test types.

You can have a simple Home Test to easily solve any paternity issue.

DNA SOLUTIONS was the first DNA testing company in the world to introduce a Home Kit in 1997.

DNA Paternity Testing with DNA SOLUTIONS gives you unbeatable accuracy, up to 99.99999% with 23 loci!!


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The More Loci (regions of DNA) tested the higher the accuracy of a DNA Test.

Most labs test 12-16 loci, we now offer an amazing choice of 18 or 23 loci, making our tests up to 250,000 times more accurate.

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The home collection kit contains DNA testing information, brochures and swabs, so you can collect DNA samples and send them in for testing, quickly and easily. Home DNA testing was first created by DNA SOLUTIONS in 1997. Our new DNA paternity tests can test 18 or 23 regions of DNA in each person, making our paternity tests extraordinarily more accurate.

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