Full Sibling to Sibling testing. €495 for 3 persons (€99 for each extra person)

    Y chromosome DNA testing - Brothers testing for the same father
  • This test investigates a high number of DNA regions. Full or half siblings will differ in the amount of DNA that they share. A Full Sibling to Sibling test looks at so many pieces of your DNA that we can make an assessment of your relationship. For example, full siblings will have DNA matching EXACTLY between them in 40% of regions tests, whereas non related persons have DNA matching EXACTY in around 10% of regions tested.
  • To have the Mother's DNA sample (from both or either sibling) drastically increases the accuracy of the test.

Summary of Sibling to Sibling Testing Costs:

DNA Test
With Mother's DNA
Brother to Brother (2 persons)
with no Mother's sample
Brother to Brother (3 persons in total)
with 1 Mother's sample
Brother to Brother (4 persons in total)
with 2 Mother's sample

Note: Accuracy from 80% to +95% whether or not mothers are included.

If you are in a big hurry, and can't wait for the kit to be mailed to you, you can download the paperwork. Fill in the forms and mail in samples taken by a cotton bud.